Sharing details can be a complete hassle: Create a NxKit, to share yours quickly and easily online or on the go FOR FREE!

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STEP 1: Create your NxSpot NxKit Business Card or PressKit in less than 30 secs.

Creating your digital NxSpot NxKit Business Card or PressKit is quick, easy and hassle-free. One template 2 functions: Use our snazzy sleek template, to create either a professional interactive Business Card or a sharp eye-catching PressKit  in a matter of minutes. In fact, why not have both?

STEP 2: Download the NxSpot app.

To have your NxSpot NxKit PressKit or Business Card at your fingertips you need to add the app to your phone’s home screen. So remember to download the NxSpot app to your phone when you log in today.

*This app is exclusively on the NxSpot site. Can not be downloaded from the App or Play store.

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STEP 3: Share your details straight to their phone using your QR Code.

Using our QR code technology, you can share your digital NxSpot PressKit or Business Card in a matter of seconds from phone to phone. Simply get your collaborator to open the camera on their phone, hover over the QR code and ‘just like magic’, your digital NxSpot PressKit or Business Card will be transferred to their phone in seconds ready to be saved or bookmarked.

Step 4: Your details are stored in their contact list in just 2 clicks.

We all hate that awkward moment where you either forget your number or have to repeat it 10 times. However, when you share your NxSpot NxKit Business Card or PressKit via your Qr code or global share button all your collaborator has to do is click “download contact” and all your details will be saved instantly to their phone.

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Share on the go to capitalise on the next big opportunity.

Our share features (either your qr code or your global share button) gives you the ease and freedom to share your digital NxSpot NxKit Business Card or PressKit with anyone at any time whether you’re on your daily jog, at a networking event or browsing on social media.

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Do your bit to save our planet.

The planet is ours to save. Together we can make a massive difference if we all do our little bit. So replace your paper business card with a digital NxSpot NxKit, PressKit or Business Card today and use contactless sharing.

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Bring all your social media links into one place for hassle-free sharing.

No faffing for links: our template gives you the power to bring your social media into one place, so your collaborators can access everything at their leisure.

In a single page make it really easy for collaborators to learn more about you.

When deciding on a collaboration it is scientifically proven that a collaborator needs at least 8 exposure before making a decision. However, your connections don’t have time to trawl through social media or websites to search for relevant information. In one page, your NxSpot NxKit Business Card or Presskit makes it easier for your collaborators to see the content that matters.

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In a simple, fun and engaging way demonstrate why someone should choose you, your business or brand over your competitor.

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