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12 Killer Habits That Have Your Business Stuck!

12 Killer Habits That Have Your Business Stuck!

InBranding, Business Posted onApr 21, 2023

If you are a coach, consultant, business or brand owner or someone looking to get started and you either:

  1. Find yourself stuck in a state of procrastination
  2. Find you lose momentum very quickly
  3. Wonder why you are stuck and unable to push through to the next financial level.

Then here is a quick check-list of the most common habits that are keeping you stuck and what to do instead:

Killer Habit #𝟭 ​ Second-guessing everything you do until you feel like giving up! Instead, GO ALL OUT on one thing, even on the days you don’t feel like doing it until you achieve the results you want and you see others getting. ​

Killer Habit #2​ Making decisions based on past traumas and experiences to protect yourself. Instead, take decisions based on who you want to grow into.

Killer Habit #3 ​Trying to please the algorithm by sharing random inspirational quotes & memes on your wall instead of well-thought-out, reverse-engineered, belief-changing content. Content that makes sales! ​

Killer Habit #4 ​ Spreading yourself too thin on multiple strategies and platforms. Instead, commit to ONE system and platform and master the process first. ​

Killer Habit #5 ​ Modeling/Copying others and hoping it works, instead invest in coaches and education to ensure you understand the fundamental principles, concepts and the reasons why they have done what they have done.

Killer Habit #6 ​ Focusing too heavily on tools for success. ​ E.g. Social media platforms, Funnels, Setters, Webinars, and Ads. Instead, focus on needle-moving strategies. ​ E.g. Effective Content Marketing, Outreach & Conversions. ​

Killer Habit #7 ​ Too afraid of rocking the boat. ​ E.g. Not raising your prices out of fear. Instead, recognise that time is the most viable commodity we have as humans and charge what you are worth. ​

Killer Habit #8 Creating programs and then trying to sell them. Instead, sell the program first to identify it is what your audience wants, and then create it. ​

Killer Habit #9​ Having a vague idea of your monthly sales and enrolments instead of knowing your actual sales and profit stats like the back of your hand. ​

Killer Habit #10 Relying on bursts of effort when money gets tight. Instead, reverse-engineer your monthly money goal, and use predictable time-tested methods to hit it…Learn more here!

Killer Habit #11 ​ Hiring and relying on VAs, Setters, Funnels, and Ads, to achieve what you can’t achieve yourself. ​ Instead, master the process organically first, make at least $20k/month, then hire and teach others to do it for you. ​

Killer Habit #𝟭2 ​ Expanding your living expenses as soon as you make money instead of investing the profit into your business or skill set and make the new record month a habit! ​


Killer Habit #𝟭3 ​ Investing once or twice in yourself. ​ And expecting it to solve all your problems. ​ Instead, routinely invest in your skillset and knowledge…learn more here!


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