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The Secrets Behind Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour!

The Secrets Behind Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour!

InBranding, Business, Celebrity News Posted onMay 23, 2023

Remember, the moment may have passed, but the lessons are timeless. So what can we learn as business/brand owners from this snapshot in time?

What in the Beyonce is going on here: Y’all are shady AF. Why have I seen the Beyoncé concert, and she hasn’t even made it to the UK yet?

I don’t know why I am acting surprised after what some of you did with the Dubai concert!

Now if you know me, you know I talk about everything from a banding perspective! So let’s get into the branding-highlights, the controversy and what we can learn from it all.

First, talk about knowing your target audience and giving them everything they could have wished for and more.

In fact, the production value of this tour is so saucy – people are putting Beyonce into retirement, speculating that this is her farewell tour. Don’t worry, Beyonce; I know you got years in you yet.

Now I did not think it possible, but how did Beyonce manage another glow-up?

  • Hair: flowing
  • Figure: hourglass
  • Face: flawless
  • Costumes: expensive

Ok, now let’s talk about the show – the budget was $150 million – and it is set to gross anywhere from 2-2.4 billion whaaaatttt!!!

The One To Many Model!

But this is the power of the 1-many model. Which you as a business or brand owner need to adopt, especially if you want a cost and time-effective way to scale your business!!!

Plus, there will be many upsells like merch, food and drinks etc.

NOW the show is 3hrs – who is performing, singing, and dancing the whole shagang for 3 hours???? So why are some of you arguing that she isn’t dancing enough?

And that reminds me, another nugget for you, like Beyonce, if you want success, look for ways to over-deliver on your promise and create an irresistible offer Learn more here…

Ok, the discography, which was fire, by the way!

She kicks off the tour singing ‘Dangerously in Love’ (just to remind you that she still got the vocal chops).

She sings a few more ballads before she jumps into the ‘Renaissance’ portion of the set, where she performs ‘I’m that girl,’ ‘Cosy,’ ‘Alien Superstar,’ ‘Church Girl,’ Cuffit, ‘Energy’ and ‘Break my Soul.’

The Props

The visuals and props were second to none!

There was the giant chrome horse (which has caused some controversy, more on that in a minute), a giant alien, and then there was the chrome army tank!

She then went super futuristic on our asses and brought out the robots.

And featured a costume that literally changed colour before our eyes as she was covered in UV light.

The controversy!

Of course, there would not be a Beyonce concert without controversy.

Many throw shade at the symbology used throughout the set, highlighting that this tour pays homage to the Illuminati & devil worship. Such as the chrome horse symbolising one of the 4 horsemen in the bible, a figure used to help evoke the anti-christ causing the destruction of humankind.

And the decision to include gender-neutral toilets has been met with praise and destain.

That brings us to the end of another NxSpot brand exposé.


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