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Learn Adele’s Ultimate Branding Secret!

Learn Adele’s Ultimate Branding Secret!

InBranding, Business, Celebrity News Posted onMay 23, 2023

Remember, the moment may have passed, but the lessons are timeless. So what can we learn as business/brand owners from this snapshot in time?

What in the Carpool Karaoke is going on here?

Why was James Cordon & Adele’s second coming not only the Carpool Karaoke I never knew I needed but brand association at its finest?

After their first epic carpool collab, where Adele set fire to the iconic Niki Minaj rap I was satisfied!

But, the brands James and the Adele decided to come back for round 2 as an explosive end to the ‘Late Late Show’, which ended after an 8yr stint. Btw, Im not buying the reason James is stating he is quitting the show, are you?

I mean, not only is he ending the show, but he is leaving America for good. Come on, James, who you running from?

Ok, controversy aside, it kicks off with Adele sneaking into James’s house and frightening him out of bed with the crash of the symbol. Now I’m one of those sceptical people that always think these things are set up. So I could have lived without that.

But once we were in the car, it was pure branding magic. Firstly it was a great touch to have Adele driving.

Her personality was infectious, and as a brand, she has the right blend between talent and personality. The juxtaposition between how glamorous she looks aesthetically and how she sounds when she opens her mouth, a cockney-lass at its finest, makes her super relatable! 

Then there were the hits from:

  • Set Fire to the Rain
  • Love is a game
  • I drink wine &
  • Hometime Glory

But what really made it special and what we did not get as much of the first time was to see that they were genuine friends, and this created a chemistry that I have never seen on any interview show.

The questions delivered by Adele were just perfect.

I loved hearing about how he had to coax Mirah Carey to sing. 

It was interesting hearing James’s difficulties initially getting people onto the show.

They shared the time when James Cordon’s prank on Adele went wrong.

I liked finding out that James had inspired a song on Adele’s Album – as Adele broke down in tears over the story behind ‘I Drink Wine.’

They were just so comfortable with each other it made for excellent viewing.

What Can We Learn!

And here comes the lesson, in the digital world, we now live in and considering that the world is evermore being melded with AI. Personality is the new currency!!!

We are all now being required to demonstrate what truly makes us unique. And in a world where it feels like we have seen it all and everything can be created so much quicker, your personality is truly the thing that will take you all the way to the bank!

That brings us to the end of another NxSpot branding exposé!



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