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Unlock Beyonce’s Branding Secrets

Unlock Beyonce’s Branding Secrets

InBranding, Business, Celebrity News Posted onFeb 6, 2023

Remember, the moment may have passed, but the lessons are timeless. So what can we learn as business/brand owners from this snapshot in time?

From being the most celebrated artist of all time, at the Grammys, to being rumoured to have received $35 million for her exclusive performance in Dubai. If not there already, it is clear that Queen B is well on the way to achieving her dream of becoming an icon.

So in light of a sold-out world tour and her 32nd Grammy win, let’s discuss the 7 techniques that Beyonce uses to drive her brand to iconic status that you, as a business and brand owner, should follow and also uncover whether there is more to her iconic success then meets the eye?

1) Scarcity:

In a world where people and fans are demanding more access due to the power of social media, it is ironic that the beyhive (aka Beyonce’s fans) have to make do with less because “scarcity” as a branding tactic is Beyonce’s go-to.

Beyonce takes no shame in cashing in on the law of supply and demand: the less there is of a resource, the more expensive or, in this case, iconic it becomes.

This explains why Beyonce is happy to go 6 years without a significant music release (yeah, although there were some bangers and it got the tongues wagging, I don’t count Homecoming and Black is King as major releases). Just my view!

It also explains why Beyonce has still not dropped the visuals for the Renaissance album and hardly ever does press interviews.  

Right about now, her fans are getting the bare minimum, and they are gagging for it.

A couple of ways to use scarcity in your business: 

  • Set a time limit on your product or service’s availability.
  • Choose to work with a certain amount of people. 
  • Release a limited amount of product initially. Don’t be afraid to sell out! 

2) Partake In Brand Associations & Joint Ventures:

Beyonce is very fussy about the people she chooses to work with and co-sign and will only be associated with brands that signify opulence or rarity.

As she said, “she’s not that average B****!”

Hence her collaboration in 2022 with Tiffany & Co., with Disney for the Lion king remake in 2019, and the grand opening of the Atlantis, the Royal hotel in 2023. Working with brands like this just makes Beyonce look & feel expensive!

If it is good enough for Beyonce, then it is good enough for you: 

Look to do joint ventures with other well-known brands in your field, such as interviews, podcasts, revenue shares and long-term partnerships.

3) Charge What You Are Worth:

Beyonce is definitely not afraid to charge what she is worth and raise her prices to outprice the competition. 

For example, it was reported that she grossed $4 million for her Coachella performance in 2018. Netflix then paid her $20 million for the rights to air the concert, and in 2023 she was paid an astronomical $35 million for a 1 hour performance at the Atlantis, The Royal hotel. 

The long and short of it is your time is the most precious commodity; it is the one thing every brand vies for. So as a business or brand owner, it is time to get over yourself and start changing your worth.

“Yeah I see you playing small – Stop it!”

4) Make Yourself Relevant:

As a band, Beyonce’s marriage to Jay Z and her 3 children are hot property and the topic of endless media fodder. Looking at this from a branding perspective, her family and relationship dynamic humbles her and keeps her relevant even when she is not making music. 

Even though they are billionaires, Beyonce uses her relationship to give her brand relatability. For example, her relationship inspired her Lemonade album, which documented Jay Z’s infidelity and the world swoons at the Blue Ivy and Beyonce mother and daughter relationship.

This is why you should always be bold and share your story when it comes to growing a brand or business, as this will help to build the know, like and trust between you and your fans.

5) Do Things Your Way!

Clearly, at this stage of her career, Beyonce has found the courage to go against the grain and do music her way and not follow mainstream conventions when it comes to releasing music. And we are here for it, as nothing says iconic more than doing it your way.

For example – Beyonce does not do singles anymore; instead, she will drop a complete album unannounced. Like when she shocked the world by releasing Lemonade as a visual album and then equally disappoints by not dropping a single visual for her most recent project, Renaissance.

She also seeks to set the trend and be ahead of the curve.

The Renaissance album being a classic example of this as it is clear that the album pays homage to drag and ballroom culture, which is currently crossing over into the mainstream with shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

However, this has landed her in hot water several times, as every day we bear witness to yet another accusation that Beyonce has ripped off someone’s work. 

Although “Beyonce, your wrong girl!”

No one can deny that even though it is a blatant rip-off, Beyonce always manages to make it her own. This sends out a very compelling message to us as business and band owners: In a world where there is literally nothing new under the sun and with mind-blowing tools like ChatGPT, the key to success is to seek inspiration and then find a way to make it your own. However, because you are not Beyonce, don’t forget to credit your inspiration!

6) Find Your Micro-Micro Niche – The Beyhive:

Now it is fair to say that Beyonce would be nothing without the Beyhive: her loyal following of fans.

What Beyonce has done so masterfully, with her pro-feminist viewpoint and stance for black empowerment, is that she has managed to turn her target audience into die-hard fans, who will literally do anything for their queen, and this is the engine that keeps the entire Beyonce operation alive.

This is why it is so important to find your target audience as a business and brand owner. However, a word of warning the niche is dead! The key to success is to tap into a micro-micro niche. Avoid falling into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone!

7) Hard Work & Talent:

At this point, this should go without saying: if you want to grow your business and brand, you need to have a product, talent or service that offers exceptional value.

And from her chart-topping music, endless Grammy nominations, and unparalleled performances, even down to her iconic falls on stage, it is undeniable that Beyonce is a talent first. 

However, it could be argued that there is more to Beyonce’s success than meets the eye.

With much speculation that Beyonce is a member of the illuminate, and alongside her husband Jay Z, she has done many horrific things to others to cement her position at the top, including selling her soul and working with the entity Sasha Fierce.

Not only that, there is the imagery she uses during her performances and in images. Beyonce can be seen blatantly using signals that are linked to the Illuminati: such as the diamond fingers and the 666 (known as the mark of the beast.)

There have also been people who have worked closely with the Carters that have come out to support such claims, such as Beyonce’s drummer Kimberly Thompson accused Beyonce of performing witchcraft on her and killing her cat and, most recently, Jay Z’s alleged bodyguard Uncle Ron, who accused them of ending Keri Hilson’s Career and worshipping the devil.


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As always, let me know in the comments below. Are you a Beyonce lover or hater? Which branding tool do you think has been the most effective, and whether you believe she is part of the Illuminati?

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