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How Branding Can Help You Stand Out In The Digital Age!

How Branding Can Help You Stand Out In The Digital Age!

InBranding Posted onMar 3, 2020

So you’re looking to stand out amidst the loud crowd but don’t know how? Well then look no further. When it comes to making a statement that’s sure to stick, we’ve got you covered.

The digital age and its creation of social media has seen an increasingly saturated market. With poor-quality content and brands doing all they can to get their next Instagram like, it’s not surprising that standing out in this overwhelming climate is not an easy task.

With Facebook and Instagram capitalizing on paid advertising, its users now have to pay their way to get noticed, and need to continue to do so if they’d like to remain noticed. Long gone are the days when Instagram showed a post to all your followers; the algorithm now determines what percentage of followers will see your post based on the time and money you’re putting towards the social platform.

How To Stand Out On Social Media

Considering this competitive climate, how can you rise to success and assert your own brand in a way that evokes real engagement? Well, the answer lies in branding.

Consumers are moresavvy than ever, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Simply posting content and hoping for the best won’t cut it. You need to offer your target audience valuable and insightful content.

Whilst you can indeed pay your way to the top by buying followers, this approach fails to address the importance of real engagement and establishing a loyal audience. Plus, if you have 200,000 followers on Instagram but you’re only receiving 50 likes per post, it’s clear your brand has been built on false foundations.

How To Build Your Brand

Consider the following ad. Reebok has effectively addressed a statistic with universal relevance, (on average humans live for 25,915 days) and incorporated the concept into a video advertisement.

Whilst the ultimate mission of the ad is to sell Reebok shoes, the marketing team has cleverly played on an idea that all individuals can relate to and in doing so, offered an engaging narrative. The ad essentially asks, ‘how will you spend your 25,915 on this earth?’ which is a question most people will consider, if only for a second.

The overarching principle underpinning Reebok’s marketing campaign illustrates how one can still stand out in the digital age of information overload that we currently live in. The key is to share valuable content with meaningful messages.

Key Principles To Remember

The way you build your brand, whether personal or professional, and its ultimate effectiveness relies on several core principles. As Forbes explains, there are several key factors to address. These include understanding your target audience and speaking to them directly, offering a solution to a problem and having a clear grasp of the marketplace you’re working in.

Whilst the principles you implement may differ depending on your specific brand, mission and values, the lesson here is that branding is not a random act of genius; it’s a highly planned and preconceived action plan based on extensive research and a clear vision.

What lets down so many brands and social media accounts today is their meaningless, vague and clone-like content as well as their inauthenticity. Remember, humans relate to other humans. This point is especially relevant considering the extent to which digital customer service is run by computers.

That’s why understanding your value proposition to the world and creating a concrete campaign is fundamental to the ultimate success of your brand. Whether you’re branding yourself or building an agency, the most important thing to remember is to provide value to your customer.

Being transparent, remaining honest and offering a face to associate with the brand are also great ways to stand out in the digital age. Many consumers are increasingly looking for ethical brands which is why presenting yourself as someone who not only offers value but who has also founded themselves on strong values is paramount.

The Verdict

With every individual holding the power to market themselves to a global market due to the digital age we now live in, standing out amidst the crowd is an increasingly difficult challenge. However, remembering to remain authentic whilst offering valuable content within your brand will determine whether you can build a following and then retain it.

It’s important to never underestimate the intelligence of your target audience. They are seeking something they can relate to and find value in, regardless of the product or person you’re promoting.

That’s why incorporating the aforementioned strategies in your branding will help you to stand out and above your competitors in the digital age.

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