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How To Finally Become Your Own Boss

How To Finally Become Your Own Boss

InBranding, Business Posted onAug 16, 2022

You have probably heard this saying “when you have a passion for what you do, you never work a day in your life.” Considering that you spend more time at work than anywhere else. The question is, can you hand on heart say that you love what you do?I firmly believe that having a passion for what you do is necessary for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. How do I know this? Because looking back, I realise that my wellbeing suffered for years as a result of my 9-5 job. I felt trapped, numb and at times emotionally dead and looking back, I realise that the reason for this was because I was not living my truth.
It wasn’t a bad job, I just felt bored, and feeling bored is often worse than hate, because at least when you hate you feel something right? If statistics show that up to 60% of us are unhappy with our job. There is a strong likelihood that you have thought about quitting your job and going after your passion full-time for a while.
So, what’s holding you back from committing to your dream?

  • Is it a lack of guidance and resources?
  • Maybe you lack the confidence to start with something new?
  • Perhaps you lack self-belief?
  • Does the process seem overwhelming? Or

Have you become a “9-5 hustler” the person stuck living their dream vicariously through social media, talking the talk but, in reality, unable to truly walk the walk because you can’t seem to turn it into a business you can pursue full time. I bet this is made worse with the imposter feeling that you get when someone asks you how it’s going and you pretend its all good.
Whatever the reason, know this: it’s crippling you. It’s a noose around your neck, stealing your happiness and joy and robbing the world of your greatness.

Is it time to seek help?

Seeking out the right help, someone that has been on the journey before and been successful is so beneficial. I know how crucial this was for me, as I too, juggled my passion alongside my 9-5, believing that I would eventually figure it out. Until the cost of not doing what I knew I was born to do cost me so much that I was forced to own up to the fact that I could not do it alone.
Being honest with yourself will literally set you FREE!
Coming to that realisation, I decided to look for help; I could see how much time I was wasting and how scattered my energy was trying to keep up the hustle/pretence.
It became clear that asking for help was the only way to stop the hustle and claim the freedom I promised myself.
As a result of that help, I now have the privilege to share my knowledge with others and have built a successful brand and business that gives me the freedom to live life on my own terms and help and support others while doing it. And I LOVE IT.
That’s why I know once you are able to stop the hustle and move into your passion full time you are going to love it too.
If you are reading this and are confused about how to end the hustle: whether you are looking to get started with your own brand/business or if you want to understand how you can stop the hustle by growing or scaling one, then this video below will show you the exact steps required to do that quickly and easily.


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Happy CC-Branding 🙏🏽

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