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How To Repurpose Your Content Using The Power Of AI

How To Repurpose Your Content Using The Power Of AI

InBranding, Business Posted onApr 16, 2023

If you are a busy on-the-go business/brand owner or content creator, then you do not need me to tell you that time is never on our side; this is why repurposing content is key.

However, it shocks me that many of you are not doing this!

  • Repurposing content is a great way to maximize your efforts to reach more people. 
  • It increases brand awareness. 
  • It can help to create more content quickly.
  • Can help to boost SEO rankings. By creating content that is optimized for different keywords and phrases, you can help to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results.
  • Finally, by reusing existing content, you can save money on creating new content and maximize the return on your investment.

Ok, rant over; allow me to introduce you to: Vidyo and my game-changing, step-by-step guide to repurposing your content: Learn more here

come on, you didn’t think I would tell you to do it without showing you how to make your life tons easier?


This fantastic tool will literally repurpose your long-form video content for you.

Vidyo automatically selects, edits & captions top moments from your videos:

  • Upload a video from your computer or Youtube link.
  • Set your preferences by telling them your requirements for platforms, formats, & templates.
  • Your repurposed videos are created in minutes. From there, you can change colours, fonts, subtitles & more.

The Ultimate Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Choose the Best Video Content to Repurpose

The first step is to identify the best long-form video content that resonated with your audience. Look for high-performing videos or those that received positive feedback or triggered engagement. It could be a webinar, a keynote, a workshop, or an interview.

Step 2: Transcribe the Video Content

Once you have selected your video content, the next step is to transcribe it. Vidyo will do this for you however, you can also use tools like or Temi to transcribe your videos. Transcribing the content makes it easier to repurpose it into other forms.

Step 3: Create Short-Clips for Social Media

Use the transcribed content to create short video clips optimised for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Again Vidyo will do this for you. However, you can use video editing software like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro or Lumen5 (if you got time to spare😛).

Step 4: Convert Audio into Podcasts

Another way to repurpose long-form video content is to convert it into a podcast. Many people prefer listening to podcasts because they can consume them while doing other things. You can use the audio from your long-form video content to create a podcast episode. The audio can also be edited to remove filler words and pauses; check out podcastle to save you time with all this!

Step 5: Turn Content into a Blog Post

Repurposing video content into a blog post is another excellent way to reach a wider audience. Extract key takeaways and quotes from the transcribed content and turn them into a blog post. To create a high-quality blog post, add images, graphs, and charts to complement the text.

Step 6: Create a Lead Magnet

Long-form video content can also be repurposed into a lead magnet, like an e-book, guide, or checklist. You can leverage the information from the transcribed content to create valuable resources for your audience. ChatGPT can support you with this effortlessly. To make it more engaging, use attractive images, design elements, and formatting techniques.

In conclusion, repurposing long-form video content is a game-changer for coaches, business owners, and content creators. By following these six steps, you can save time and resources while amplifying your reach and engagement.

So now there really are no excuses. In fact, once done, why not take the video/s and add them to your NxSpot NxKit!


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