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The New Way To Gain Massive Exposure!

The New Way To Gain Massive Exposure!

InBranding, Business Posted onNov 1, 2017

Once a staple item for any business owner, the business card has seen its demise. And, it doesn’t seem like the business card is set to have its return anytime soon.

The way we do business has forever been digitised and as a result, the tangible business card has been undermined and become fundamentally outdated.

As Refinery29 rightfully asks, “Why fumble around for a card when you’re probably already holding your phone in your hand? And why risk letting that great connection proceed to lose said card at the bottom of their handbag when you can show them so much of who you are, beyond just your job title and email address, with a few clicks?” (2019).

Social media has tried to fill the gap. Alongside fan favourites (or not so favourite in some cases), Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin every couple of years, another social media establishes itself as the next place to be. So now, instead of hoarding business cards, we hoard links & profiles instead.

And we all know that searching for profiles on social media is never fun, especially when 10 other people pop up with the same name – talk about an energy killer.

So what are the alternatives? How can you find a happy balance between the business card, multiple profile syndrome and content-heavy websites?

An Outdated Strategy

Put simply, business cards no longer reflect the core values of our modern world. We now expect communications to be online, and we also look for environmentally-friendly approaches to how we operate our brands.

Unfortunately, business cards don’t meet either of these requirements and thus, it could be said that their demise is a natural and inevitable part of an ever-changing business/branding landscape.

Similarly, as Refinery29 explains, “Potential reasons for this natural phasing-out of business cards abound; they’re stuffy, they’re bad for the planet, they cost money” (2018).

What’s The Replacement?

Offering the perfect balance between wordy websites and outdated business cards, NxKit’s are a great way to effectively and concisely share your brand with the world.

So what is a NxKit: A NxKit is NxSpot’s answer to the problem outlined above. It is a free, smart and eco friendly way to share either your contact info or info on a brand or business.

The NxKit allows you to store all your contact details, social media handles and business/brand info etc. in one place.

You can then easily share it on the go, with a swipe of a QR code or online by sharing your link.

With the user-friendly nature of the NxSpot platform, you can easily make a NxKit to suit your need at the time to take both your professional and personal networking to the next level.

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What’s important to remember when creating your NxKit is striking a balance between professional and concise. Whilst it’s important to communicate your vision and ethos, there’s no point over-doing it with content. You will simply lose sight of your intention and your audience will become overwhelmed by disengaging and word-heavy content. Which is often the case with social media.
Your NxKit can excite and engage your audience, communicating your vision and ethos in just the right way.

The Verdict

Considering the benefits that a NxKit offers, it’s no wonder why this approach is becoming an increasingly popular one. And why more and more people are asking fellow networkers for their NxKit.

When it comes to replacing business cards and mulitple links the NxKit is quite simply a more engaging and effective alternative.
Whether you’re looking for an engaging solution to your marketing strategy or you’d like to create the killer NxKit that you’ve always dreamed of, Nxspot has the industry knowledge and professional team to do so.

Leading the way when it comes to all-things digital, Nxspot is an innovative and forward-thinking brand here to help your business achieve success.

Plus, with a deep understanding of the digital climate and what works best when it comes to sharing your brand with the world, you can rest assured that with NxSpot, you’re in good hands.

If you’re ready to start realising your brand goals, vision and dreams, then get in touch today. Simply send us an email, give us a call or say hello on our social media platforms. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team will be sure to provide you with the answer that you’re looking for! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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